How Vici Media More Than TRIPLED a statewide elected official's political fundraising email list in a year...organically.

What happened when Vici Media Group was hired by a statewide elected official with a national profile and a huge social media audience… but a woefully small email list?

Let’s take a look at how we grew this elected official’s email list and turned it into a fundraising juggernaut.

The Problem

Facebook doesn't equal emails

Even before they banned political ads, fundraising directly from Facebook generates a fraction of what an effective email list can make for an elected official or interest group.

That was also the experience of a frustrated statewide elected official with a huge social media following and a limited campaign account who contacted Vici Media last year.

He wanted to know how we could help him leverage his national profile and large social media audience to develop a more effective email fundraising program.

With hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers, but only 16,000 emails in his database, he felt there must be a way to leverage that following to build his email list.

That’s when he reached out to Vici Media looking for a solution.

The Solution

WinRed was created as a conservative fundraising platform to compete with the Democrats’ ActBlue. It has proven wildly successful and helped Republicans raise hundreds of millions of small donor dollars in the last couple of cycles. Along with its sister site, Revv, WinRed was designed for Republicans officials and causes to leverage small donors and compete with the Democrats at the small-dollar fundraising game that they had mastered.

To help our client raise the size of his list (and therefore fundraising base), we took the abilities of Revv/WinRed and married them to the social reach of his Facebook page and other social media platforms in creative ways that allowed effective name capture without a direct fundraising ask.

The Results

With our marketing methods, we were able to build the client’s email list from roughly 16,000 records to over 51,000 in less than a year (a 3x increase!)…at a very minimal direct investment from the client!

Parallel fundraising emails for this client using the list that we developed proved the value of this approach.

And most importantly… The increase in online fundraising easily paid for the entire list-building program (and then some).



In Email List Growth!



In Number of Donations

In the six months Vici Media has run online fundraising for this client, we have increased his number of online donations by more than 6 times what had been generated in the previous 12 months COMBINED.

The Bottom Line

How can Vici Media help you develop more robust fundraising online?

We’ve used these methods for numerous clients with a tremendous track record of success. And we’re ready to do the same for you.

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