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All the features of a major campaign a fraction of the cost and time

Our frameworks are a subscription-based service making the cost more affordable to candidates. Unlike traditional out-of-the-box templates, our frameworks allow for much more customization and integrate seamlessly with thousands of third party apps and programs. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a custom website that will take a couple months to be completed when you can go live now with one of our frameworks for a fraction of the cost!


Framework Designs

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Vici Media Framework Template 1


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Vici Media Framework Template 2


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Vici Media Framework Template 3


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Vici Media Framework Template 4


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Republican Political Template Site Theme


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Vici Media Framework Template 6


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Every Site Setup By A Professional Designer

If you’ve never purchased a regular template before, let me give you an idea of how it tends to go: You purchase it from one site, install it on a server through a separate company. The backend is super confusing and you can never get it to look like the original example. Plus, when you go to put in your own custom logo and pictures, the whole template breaks and looks terrible.

We know the struggle. That’s why we developed our frameworks and offer everything in a single package – no hassle! Our professional designers will setup your site to ensure your logo looks great, your pictures show off your good side, and all your content is formatted correctly and works seamlessly for voters.

Available on: All Sites

Voting Locations & Countdown

Getting voters out to the polls is the key to winning! With Vici Frameworks, you can easily insert the early voting and election day voting locations of your district. Each location will be pinned on the map so users can visualize the closest one to them and get instant directions. A countdown timer also gives voters an idea of how long till voting starts and ends.

Available on: Multi-Page only

voting locations

Show Off Your Endorsements

We know how hard you work courting conservative organizations and leaders. Now you have a place to show them all off! Vici Frameworks gives you the ability to display all of the logos of the organizations that support your candidacy as well as pictures & quotes of conservative leaders in the community.

Available on: Multi-Page only

Stand Up For Your Principles

Voters want to know that you will uphold their values and principles in office. Vici Frameworks makes it easy to clearly list your positions on any issue so your constituents know where you stand.

Available on: Single Page & Multi-Page


Easy Event Calendar

Whether you’re speaking at a town hall, hosting a fundraiser, or simply meeting some voters for coffee – you need an easy way to let people know where you’ll be and how to attend. Vici Frameworks has built-in event functionality that allows you to easily create a list of upcoming events. Provide as much information as you want, including pictures and a location map for directions. We make it easy to link voters to a third-party ticketing platform like Eventbrite for paid events that require tickets as well.

Available on: Multi-Page only

Launch a Fundraising Moneybomb

Fundraising is not fun, but sometimes it is necessary. Vici Frameworks takes a lot of the stress out of the equation with our prebuilt moneybomb fundraising pages! Setup a date when you want the moneybomb to start and we’ll automatically create a countdown timer so people know when they can start donating. While you’re waiting, we’ll collect pledges on the page so you can message them when the moneybomb starts to come back and donate.

Available on: Multi-Page only

volunteer form

Recruit Grassroots Volunteers

Grassroots volunteers can amplify the efforts of a candidate and make the difference between a win or a loss. Every Vici Framework has built-in volunteer forms so supporters can fill out their personal information and select which types of help they can offer the campaign. All submissions are stored in the backend of the site for security and emailed to whoever you choose.

Available on: Single Page & Multi-Page

Polls & Petitions

As a politician, it’s your job to represent your constituents and do what is best for them. Sometimes you may want to see how they feel about a certain topic or find out what is most important to them. Our frameworks have the built-in ability to construct both polls and standalone petition pages to accomplish this and gather voter emails!

Available on: Multi-Page only


In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

Knowledge is power. Our frameworks integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics and we display it on a clean, easy to use dashboard right on your own site! You’ll be able to see where your voters are coming from, what content on your site they are viewing, and how long they’re there. This can help inform decisions about how well a certain issue or ad push is performing and what next steps should be taken.

Available on: Multi-Page only

Additional Features:

  • Premium Plugin: Gravity Forms – Unlimited forms for any use that integrate with Mailchimp and a number of other third party platforms ($259/yr value included)
  • Premium Plugin: Monster Insights – Reporting and In-Depth analysis of visitor behavior to your site ($199/yr value included)*
  • Premium Plugin: Visual Composer – Gives you the ability to create customized page layouts and pull in special features ($46 value included)*
  • Premium Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields Pro – Allows easy editing of front-end elements in an intuitive user interface ($100 value included)
  • Plugin: Simple History – Keeps track of all changes to your site by every user so if you make a mistake, it is easy to fix it.
  • Plugin: Yoast SEO – Helps optimize your site for search engine optimization so you show up higher on Google searches
  • Plugin: PDF Embedder – Easily embed PDF documents into your site with an intuitive flip-book style interface
  • Plugin: Popups – Set a popup to appear when voters come to your site to announce important information or increase email opt-ins

+ Many more!

  • Premium Hosting Setup – WordPress Engine is known in the industry for exceptional customer service and fast, reliable hosting with 99.99% uptime ($39/mo value included)
  • Daily server backups means your site is always protected and easily recoverable
  • 30 minutes FREE website edits to your site every month included ($75/mo value included)*
  • Unlimited pages & blog posts*
  • Unlimited issues*
  • Facebook comment integration for blog posts*
  • Third-party donation platform integration
  • Responsive Design – Looks great on all devices from large desktops to laptops to tablets to cell phones
  • Easily edit colors and content yourself

*Denotes features that are available on multi-page sites only

Just a few of the apps that are seamlessly integrated...

Splash Page

$250 Once

FREE with 12 mo. Multi-Page Subscription The splash page is the best way to quickly create a digital presence online when you’re about to announce your campaign and need something up fast. Purchase as an add-on to the single page or full website so you have a seamless transition.

  • Collect email addresses and automatically integrate with Mailchimp
  • Custom colors to match your brand
  • Link to your donation platform
  • Premium hosting provider (included free for 3 months)

Single Page Site


The single page site is meant to be used in place of the full website for smaller campaigns that don’t have a lot of content and don’t need to have a news feed or other advanced features. It has no menu and no interior pages.

  • All features from Splash Page setup by a professional designer plus:
  • More copy space for letting people get to know you and your positions.
  • Contact form
  • Room to add several photos
  • Premium hosting provider (included free)

* Plus setup fee of $0 – $200 depending on contract length

Multi-Page Site


The multi-page full website is the superior choice for any campaign who wants to have all the necessary tools to run an effective campaign. It includes unlimited interior pages (including volunteer, issues, news, and more), superior features and plugins, and a complete, branded design.

  • Price drops to half after a year!
  • All features from Single Page Framework setup by a professional designer plus:
  • Over $160/mo FREE value included from premium plugins, hosting, & edits
  • Pre-built pages for featuring issues, volunteer signups, endorsements, voting locations, events, news, moneybombs, petitions, and a contact form
  • Unlimited pages for any topic or use
  • 30 minutes worth of FREE site edits per month
  • Premium hosting provider (included free)

* Plus setup fee of $0 – $500 depending on contract length

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