Website Design

Ohio Right to Life has been defending life for over 50 years. They have been on the forefront of educating Ohio voters about the sanctity of life and legislation that may threaten it, and mobilizing people to take action to protect life.

In order to better engage their audience on and off site, and to provide a more usable, readable, and sharable platform for their content, we focused on a holistic redesign for ORTL.  Using the NationBuilder platform, we reshaped the structure of the website to allow for a more modern design optimized for user engagement.

The new structure utilized:

  • the modern best-practices of design with easy to find CTAs (calls-to-action),
  • full-screen graphics and photography,
  • responsive design, a more intuitive and simplified navigation center,
  • consolidated pages to keep visitors on the site longer, and
  • moving the most important elements to the home page.

Each of these enhancements helped dramatically upgrade the user experience. One of the most important elements of the new site is the Legislative Action Center.

The Legislative Action Center is a seamless tool that allows ORTL web visitors to take action by sending a letter to their representative about important pro-life legislation without ever leaving the website. The LAC equips visitors with information on the nature of the bill, the bill sponsors and co-sponsors, and any recent news related to the impending legislation.

Cool features to note: Countdown ticker on topfold, Topfold video background, Legislative Action Center