TFRW provides the avenue for women to influence policy, develop candidates and elect the leaders of Texas. It is the most powerful women’s political organization in Texas. As such, TFRW needed a web platform that was a multi-faceted as the members themselves.

We started with their brand. TFRW had an established brand identity that we wanted to honor. However, to enhance their ability to engage new members across the age spectrum we refreshed their existing elements to give it a modern twist.

TFRW logo

Website Design

We crafted a two-dimensional WordPress site that tells the story of TFRW to potential members while serving as a central hub for current members to access important club information.

Utilizing an introductory video background and flat modern design elements, we helped TFRW achieve their goal of reaching the next generation of Republicans, while still making it very intuitive and easy to use for current members.

We created a password protected area within the site to allow TFRW to distribute important club forms, documents, and minutes all in one central location. Every current members received a unique user account. With scalability in mind, we built in the capability for TFRW to convert all web documents and forms into electronic formats.

Cool features to note: Video slider & Upcoming Events

TFRW website screen mockups

Print Design

After the successful design and launch of their new website, TFRW asked us to redesign their existing brochures as well as their quarterly newsletter. We utilized the same modern design elements from their website to retain a consistent brand image throughout all print pieces.

TFRW Print Media