New Launches

May 25, 2016Design

Summer is flying by! We can’t believe it’s almost time for campaign season (*gasp*), but we’re excited to be partnering with you once again. In order to get a head start on the opponents with some new kick-a** websites, our team has been busy and the hard work is paying off. Check out our latest

Hillary Logo Redesign

July 16, 2015Design, Politics

Seriously, Hillary? Hillary’s new logo looks like it was designed in 1998 on Microsoft Paint… Really…who signed off on that kindergarten garbage? Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder. At any rate, our kick a** designer, Patrick, decided to take 5 minutes and tweak the current design to make it look half-way

New Launch

April 15, 2015Design

You know, sometimes you get so focused on telling other people’s stories that you forget to tell your own! (And by “you” we mean “us”…) So, after a couple weeks of brainstorming and design revisions, we are very excited to announce the launch of our new website! This has already been an exciting year for Vici Media

Does Design Matter…and more

March 26, 2015Design

What we have in store for you: Does design matter? (Spoiler alert: Yes) Kick a** latest creations from Vici Let’s talk Austin coffee (for the newbies in Session right now) Tips on best Mailchimp practices Why Design Matters Design touches nearly every part of our lives—often without us even realizing it. Teams of people spend

New sites, Democrats teach us a lesson, and more!

May 1, 2014Design

April has been such a great month…we only wish we could hang on to it just a day longer. (Or, at least the cooler weather!) Now that it is May, it seems the summer heat is upon us here in Austin. (Sigh.) Despite the 90 degree forecasts, we’re excited about all the opportunities coming this summer from new