Our client, a state-level Right to Life organization tasked us with one mission: Total web domination. Once translated into media terms, their real objective was to create a digital audience that was comparable to national Pro-Life organizations. We would accomplish this by creating optimized Facebook like builders. After a solid, engaged audience was established we would launch an email list-building campaign as a way to expand their messaging platform.


When we started working with our client, their Facebook audience was just over 3,000 likes. For a state-level organization, this was a decent starting point. However, decent…average…on par were unacceptable terms. Therefore, we needed to optimize their existing efforts and ramp up additional ones.

To help them achieve their goal, we launched a highly targeted Facebook like builder. Rather than waste money advertising to people not likely to follow AND engage with our client’s message, we defined an advertising audience that pinpointed people most likely to engage with our client’s efforts and harnessed a hot Texas Pro-Life fight: the sweeping Pro-Life bill HB 2 and the Wendy Davis filibuster.

We originally defined a quick goal of 10,000 likes, which was achieved in less than two weeks. A later and ambitious, but realistic budget and timeline was set to help them reach 40,000 likes in one year’s time. The efforts were so successful that we skipped to a bigger target and, thirteen months in, we passed the 100,000 likes mark.


Total value added since contracted in June 2013*

  • Total Reach: 1,293,479
  • Impressions: 11,005,506
  • Total Paid Likes: 83,689
  • Total Website Clicks: 233,609
  • Total average cost per like: $0.21*These numbers include metrics from a marginal number of promoted posts and website click campaigns.
Like Growth Chart
Like Building chart by time

Email List Building

After passing the 100,000 likes mark we developed a Facebook email list-building campaign to capture their Facebook followers’ emails. We like the two-tier strategy for longer term efforts consisting of first developing a Facebook audience and then list-building off of that already-engaged and already-defined audience, and therefore keeping costs low and actual buy-in high for the emails gathered.

We used the Texas Supreme Court hearing on HB2 as an opportunity to push our first list-building efforts. We launched with a 24- hour objective to collect 250 emails. We created a landing page for followers to sign a petition in support of HB2. The efforts were so successful that, along with increased engagement from ads helping propel organic likes, we passed the 100,000 likes mark.

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