One of our clients, a non-profit dedicated to supporting pregnancy resource centers, approached Vici Media to help them optimize their lead generation funnel. The key performance indicator was to increase search leads on a particular page. We would do that by optimizing their Facebook ad campaign, grow pageviews, and improve conversion rates, thereby increasing searches/leads.



In many ways, this client was making all the usual mistakes when it came to their digital strategies: driving traffic to their website’s homepage rather than a custom landing page, spending money on non-targeting-optimized and inefficient Facebook ads, and leaving the core value-add unclear to visitors.

To solve their problem, we first overhauled their ad set with graphics and content optimized to improve ad spending and conversion rates as well as more specific targeting, segmented by likely constituencies. Then we developed an optimized landing page for converting visitors, which had a clear (and single!) call-to-action built with the sole purpose of conversion.

We won’t brag, we’ll just let the numbers speak for us…



We provided our client a staggering $144,940 in lead value for a relatively nominal consulting and creative budget that resulted in a

Return on Investment

Here’s the breakdown, starting with their Facebook ads (measured by reviewing 12 months of their analytics prior to our tweaks and comparing it to the six months of analytics after our tweaks).

Facebook Ad Results

• Effectiveness: Obtained as many clicks in only six months as it would have taken in 10.5 months under their previous ad set. • Conversions: Bumped up CTR (click through rate) from 0.027% average to 0.036% average.
• Savings: Cut the average CPC (cost per click) down almost half from $1.02 to $0.55.

» The equivalent value of the additional clicks under the old CPC (cost per click) is $53,989 over the course of a year.

Landing Page Results

• Effectiveness: Increased searches from 1,313 to 8,374 (638% improvement) • Conversions: Increased conversion rates from 2.7% to 11.8%
• Savings: Reduced cost per search/lead from $47.98 to $8.12


Why waste ad dollars on mediocre results? Contact us today and stop leaving money on the table.